As a client, you sign up with the factory partner. Rolling Street acts as a portal listing the best providers in terms of pricing and quality standard.

East countries offer low pricing opportunities while benefiting from a qualified manpower. Nevertheless, those countries are not exempt from dubious companies. But this risk is as high as in West european countries. Rolling Street has spent over a year to scout different countries in order to screen and pick up the most competent and competitive ones.

Poland is a good example of a country that has reached a good level of standard procedures from the legal and accounting to the core production side of the business. Simply put, it combines a still affordable manpower along with a european business system conformity.

As any manufacturer, the factory guaranties its goods for a year eventhough the best policy insurance remains a finished product that can last and sustains the challenges of an outdoor business.

Payments are made into two installments. The first on order and the second upon shipping. Bank transfer is favored.