Aixam Mega


The Mega and the big boy among the mini foodtrucks

A compact foodtruck 

The Aixam foodtruck showed up in 2009 with swift success. And rightly so. This foodtruck was the only compact size truck on the market.

Indeed, the total length of 3m40 and width of 1m60 were ideal for jammed urban centers.

Aside from its technical achievements, the Aixam stands up for a truly elegant piece of work. Its compact body draws attention as it cruises the streets.

It was my first purchase of a foodtruck. I felt in love at first sight when I got a glimpse of it on a TV coverage in 2009. I ordered it at one of the main foodtruck supplier (pic 2/3). But as the first year went by I struggled with some dysfunctions.

All major weight appliances were crammed on the front side resulting in a tilting over the year. The manufacturer didn’t figure out that a seller inside the box will always tend to lean foraward, adding to the already existing pressure.

Last but no least, the 32000 euros price tag was way too hefty. We all learn from our mistakes. And from this one I came up with the idea of Rolling Street. 

My first client was an Aixam Mega buyer and the rest is history.

Where does it stands today ?

Unfortunately, Aixam was bought out and Aixam Mega chassis canceled. 

At Rolling Street we still manage to provide this model with second hand chassis. From 12000 to 15000 euros upon the chassis year of construction. 

Along with the Piaggio, the Aixam remains a milestone in the foodtruck lifetime. 


Présence de mon Mega en Pologne 2012

Le Mega est sa bouille attachante !

Le Mega est sa bouille attachante !

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