Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent?

No. The renting is almost nonexistent and for good reason. The renting system causes trouble for both parties. Furthemore, the concept is not profitable for both parties either. The client find himself hands tighted with a 6 months period contract and must pay huge penalties if the deal is canceled before the end. If you have well thought your business plan you will come to the conclusion that renting brings no economic sense.

Do i need a place to sale before purchasing a food truck?

Yes and no. The search for a public or private selling location must be undertaken while you order your food truck. Bear in mind that your search is not restricted to inner city centers. Sea and ski resorts, private events could struck you as being even more cash flow…

What is the most appropriate food truck for my activity?

If you intend to actually prepare the food inside the truck you must go for an XL version. On the other hand, a snacking activity fits perfectly the compact offer. At last, the round shaped trailer could provide a good alternative. The trailer allows you to work in optimal conditions, letting you answer the need of hundreds of clients per day while keeping a top notch look.

What about a come back for a new look trailer?

What is the future of the food truck? His future is already here. The food truck tidal wave of 2009-2011 has been replaced by a more matured market where the food truck works along brick and mortar restaurants. But the fact still remains that the food truck stands as the best way to launch oneself into the fooding business at the lowest cost.

How long does it take to own a food truck?

Usually, we build up equipped box within 3 weeks while our competitors need at least two months. Nevertheless, we remain dependant of the truck dealers like Piaggio or Aixam which shipping of the truck can range from 5 weeks to two months.

How does work my homologation?

Your individual homologation is delivered by your local authorities. The department will check out your total weight and the european conformity of the box elements.

What is your range of activity?

We are active from the purchasing of the truck (brand new from the car dealers or second hand in Poland) up to its shipping through our polish shipping company. Our range of intervention includes also the covering customization. Everything is at hand and your imagination is our only limit.

Can we contact your clients?

Yes, if you sign up with us you would have this opportunity.

What about european norms?

There are fully respected. Poland is an EU member. Trailer wise, the factory benefit from the COC, the european homologuation for a free european export.

How does the payment work?

Through transfer only. Checks don’t work in Poland. 50% of the full amount is required at the signature.

What about VAT?

If you buy from a EEC country, you are exempted from it. If you are in Switzerland, you would have to pay a local tax of 8%.