Mobile catering trailer



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Nykos, the spanking premium greek sandwich currently rolling in Paris :



The catering trailer is kind of the spiritual father of the foodtruck. It all started with it. 

Nevertheless, a couple of decades further, the concept of a catering trailer has turned out a bit outdated while the foodtruck tidal wave made it even more old fashion. If there is still a customer base for the catering trailer it is mainly due to its unbeatable space/investment ratio.


   IMG_1645I-catch 3m50 june 2016

The catering trailer and the foodtruck are like the caravane and the van. A new consumption trend pops up and all of sudden the sales of the caravanes fall down while the american type of vans mushroom on the european roads. Its through our understanding of what do and undo the consumption modes that we have developed this new mold in order to renew and rejuvenate the catering trailer concept.

Project ‘Eye catch’ is born out of this brainstorming with the purpose of providing an easy to use box that would catch any eyeballs on its way. Eye catch round corners and streamlined curves which look polished are an hommage to the fifties and a tribute to our century modernity.



Mobile catering trailer before shipping

The Eye catch is standard equiped with an inox double counters, rooms with sliding doors, a water point with hot water, LED that could go around the catering trailer as an outdoor diamond necklace, an outdoor trap door for gaz.


Beyond its design and its competitive pricing, you benefit from a crucial asset in the long term range. Indeed, a catering trailer seller will never admit to you that your roof may sustain damages over the years when hundreds of water rain would have stagnated above your head. Dripping and leaking are the number one risks in a catering trailer.


Full inox. Furniture doors can slide

With its round corners, the Eye Catch spit out naturally any water poured over its roof.

Its current dimensions allow stockade furniture of over 400 L and front counter of nearly 4 meters long. With the Eye Catch you handle some of the most successful product like the burger for hundreds of clients and with 3 or 4 sellers inside.

What else to say but that seeing it is falling in love with it.

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Catering I-catch standard equiped (reinforced polyster mold on one or two axles, central flap and side entrance door, double inox counters, room with sliding doors, LED, cold water point with electric pump, sockets, trapdoor for gaz).

Weight 3m empty: 850 kg / standard equipment : 1140 kg
Weight 3m50 empty: 910 kg / standard equipment : 1210 kg
Weight 4m a vide: 1050 kilos / standard equipment : 1400 kg
Maximum weight with equipment: up to 2500 kg


3m: 16 890€
3m50: 19 350€
4m: 20 400€

Colors included in pricing:
White (ref 9016)
Yellow (ref 1023)
Orange (ref 2003)
Green (ref 6029)
Any other color is charged 250€ more

Arrow: 130 cm
Door: 75/180 cm
Wheel: 195/55R10C (no spare wheel in standard)
Axle Neickhardt
1 axle: 1300 kg in standard but up to 1500 kg : AL-KO or Knott producers
2 axles: 2×1050 kg standard but up to 2×1300 kg, 2×1500 kg, 2×1800 kg
Toolbar welded to the basis or screwed on demand
Coupling system: V drawbar overunning device with 50 mm ball
4 stabilized feet
Jockey wheel 150 kg standard
Mecanical brake
2500 kg: + 400€
3500 kg: + 2500€